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Teacher of the Week: Becky Fritchie

This week’s Teacher of the Week is a very passionate teacher who shares her love of learning with all through her contagious happiness and love. She also presented on Bloomz with colleagues at the TCEA Tech Conference in Austin, Texas in February, 2017. I’m a helper by nature. I love being creative and sharing that… Continue reading Teacher of the Week: Becky Fritchie


Streamlining Student Timelines/Behavior Management Access

We’ve listened to your feedback and made some small, but important, changes to make the app easier to use and help you find the things you’re looking for faster. Now, for desktop and Android apps, we’ve added a few tabs with easy access to your class’ Behavior, Attendance, and Timelines. Before this change, these were on… Continue reading Streamlining Student Timelines/Behavior Management Access