Letter from CEO

Bloomz will waive school fees to LWSD

Below is an open letter from our CEO to all schools in the Lake Washington School District, distributed during today’s demonstration in Kirkland, WA.


Bloomz, Inc.Bloomz Logo
8201 164th Ave NE Ste. 200
Redmond, WA 98052

MAY 6, 2015

To: All LWSD Schools & Teachers

Dear all,

We at Bloomz believe that Education is the most important investment a country can make, for its people and its future alike. As a Redmond-based startup that offers individual teachers a free app to save time and improve parental engagement in benefit of their students, we too believe we need to stand with our community in times of need.

Because of the current budget situation, we have decided to waive all school fees derived from our communication app and service for all LWSD during next school cycle, in hope this will relieve some of the financial burden they carry in their communications with parents. By offering our app and service at no cost, we believe schools in the district will be able to save money currently spent in parent communication (paper, fliers, time).

We understand budget constraints are difficult to deal with, and our app will continue to be free for both teachers and parents. With today’s announcement, we hope our contribution can make a small difference for schools as well.

Warm regards

Chaks Appalabattula
Founder & CEO, Product


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