14 thoughts on “Tip: Customize Your Notification Settings

  1. Is there a way for the parent to get email notifications that I messaged them individually? I have enabled all the notifications and still haven’t received (I created a fake parent.student to test) any notifications that I sent a message. This is for the parent that doesn’t download the app.


    1. Hello Nancy, you should receive notifications for missed messages (if you had the parent account open and saw the message come in, you wouldn’t receive a communication. If this doesn’t answer your question, please email us at support@bloomz.com Thanks!


  2. I am curious about how often the parents get notified each time that I send a behavior note (point)? I don’t want to berate the parents every time they get a positive/needs work mark. Thanks!


    1. Currently, parents are not notified about the awards you are giving to students, but they can see the history of awards and notes from the teacher by going to the student timeline. We are working on making those notifications available (e.g. when a flower blooms, to notify the parent), and also to make this and other notifications customizable to teachers as well. Hope this answers your question. Let us know!


      1. Has this feature been established? Our school is looking at using Bloomz as our primary communication for parents, but this is a feature of another program that provides immediate communication to the parents without duplicating work of logging and then communicating to parents.


  3. I have notifications for comments on posts turned off, but I’m still getting badge notifications every time someone leaves a comment. Is this a bug, or do I need to modify some other setting?


  4. Messages from other parents/teachers show up on my Iphone and Apple Watch-but when I go to find them in the chat through the app-they are not there. Please help!


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