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Tips & Tricks – Signing Up On Bloomz

User Question- “I am new to Bloomz, but I don’t have an invitation code.  Can I still sign up for an account?”

In short: Yes.  When you click on “I’m New” to sign up for your free Bloomz account, you see a screen that looks like this-


At the top of the screen it is asking if you have received an invitation code.  This is for parents that have been invited to a classroom and need to create their account, while being linked to their child’s teacher.

If you are a teacher and want to create a class of your own, you will not have an access code.  Don’t worry, you can still sign up!  Skip the invitation request, and start here. Click on the teacher icon2015-07-20_1130, and you are ready to create your account!2015-07-20_1117

Next you’ll only need your name, email address and a password of 8 characters.  Nothing more to start your Bloomz account.  Once you go in, don’t forget to link your account to your school and create a class – even if you’re still waiting for the new year to start, you can do this to get a head start on things.  You can always go back and change the name of your class, create a theme (change colors) for your classroom and invite parents to it.

Go ahead, get started with a Bloomz account, give it a try with our Demo Class (available to all our users) and get ready for the next school year!

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