Introducing Text Signups and Notifications for Bloomz!

Bloomz Text Signups &Notifications

End of August is here, and so is our latest feature before the start of the new school year: Text Signups and Notifications for Bloomz.

Starting today, parents who don’t have a smartphone or data plan can join Bloomz via Text/SMS, using only a code provided by the teacher and their phone.  With Text Signups and Notifications, new parents will start receiving messages every time the teacher posts something, allowing them to stay on top of what’s happening in the classroom.

Here is how it works:

  1. The teacher will generate the Class Code for their classroom (read more about Class Codes here) and share with parents via a printable PDF available in the app.
  2. Parents send this code via Text Message to 1-858- BLOOMZ1 (1-858-256-6691)
  3. Bloomz will automatically send back instructions via Text so parents can finish setting up their account.
  4. Done! really simple, right?

Bloomz TXT Instructions

Bloomz even makes it easy for parents to read and browse the teacher’s posts by adding simple emoticons to differentiate each type of post:


Text Signups and Notifications for Bloomz is currently only available for new users in the United States and Canada, and soon we will be making this feature available for existing users as well.  Please keep an eye for more enhancements to our app coming in September.

With the addition of Text Signups and Notifications, Bloomz is the most complete app for Parent-Teacher communication and coordination.  If you have not already started, now is the time to start with Bloomz and stay with the one-app for all your parental communication needs.  Join Bloomz Now!

43 thoughts on “Introducing Text Signups and Notifications for Bloomz!

    1. Hi Kari, Text Signups and Notifications is currently only available for new users, but we are working on making it available for existing users, we’ll keep you all posted on progress here. Thank you!


  1. With my other parent communication system I could simply put my parents’ numbers in the app and then the app would send them an invitation to join. It was very convenient because I could keep inviting them via text message until they joined. Is this a possibility?


    1. Thank you for the feedback! This is currently not possible in our app, however it is something we are considering for future development. Please keep sending us your feedback 🙂


      1. Have you added this feature yet? I really like that the remind app allows you to invite via text. It makes it very convenient for parents to join. Are parents notified via text or email? If that is not a possibility I may switch back to remind.


  2. Hi. Is there a way to delete a conversation from my screen? I had a student disenroll, and while I was able to remover her parent from my contacts, the conversation is still there and I would like to delete it. Thanks!


    1. Hello Rob, unfortunately this feature is not available in Europe yet. We don’t have any date for when this could be available, but we will update our readers and followers as we add more functionality or expand our features internationally. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Jolie. Text Signups and Notifications don’t require an email address, you can just provide the code to parents and they will join via SMS. We are working on additional functionality that will allow invite someone via cell phone number, stay tuned for updates on this.


    1. Hi, Parents who sign up via SMS can also create an account online by going to and clicking “Join Bloomz”, using the same class code they used to sign up via SMS – this will allow them to see the pictures online. I hope this answers your question, please let us know if we can help in any other way.


    1. Hello! And grazie for contacting us 😉

      The app is available in Italy (albeit with menus in English), so you can use any time. Are there any specific requests that you’d like to see in the app to start using? Thanks again for reaching out!


  3. Is it possible for parents to respond (to teacher only) to the text messages? This has been a great and easy way for parents to ask questions or give quick updates in the past with a different program. Love all the features you have on this app!


      1. SMS notifications do not allow responses at this point. Parents can go online on any device to participate in class activities or to have conversations with the teacher and other parents.


  4. Hi! I am wondering how to get email notifications if a parent messages me. I don’t always see that I have a message on Bloomz, but I always can see that I got an email right away.
    Thanks!!! 🙂


  5. Has any headway been made with this in the last year? I can’t figure out how to sign up for sms messages with my existing account


  6. Most of my parents joined with the text option and are receiving messages from me. They can’t open attachments from their text. Are they required to see the text and then get on a computer to see my attachments?


  7. Hi, I have down loaded your app to my phone and started to invite parents to join. Is there any other way to get notifications that parents have messaged, commented, posted etc…beside logging into my email account? Is there any way to get notifications through the app?


    1. At this point, parents with SMS option can also go online to see the pictures on any computer. We are working on improvements in our app for our SMS users, please stay tuned.


    1. At this point, parents only receive notifications of things the teacher posts to Bloomz. They can not start a conversation with the teacher via text, but they can via the browser.


  8. If a parent wants to receive text messages and emails, will they need to create 2 accounts? One via text and one via the website/app?



    1. For now, yes, this is the only way you can get both. We understand this is not ideal, but we are working on a solution for those who are in this situation. Please stay tuned for more.


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