Graduate to a Premium Experience – Introducing Bloomz Teacher Premium

We are really excited to share with you a new experience available through your Bloomz app today – Bloomz Teacher Premium.


Bloomz Teacher Premium is exactly what it sounds like, a superior experience that will give teachers additional controls, data, value and functionality, all on the same app you already use and love!

Interested? Here is what Bloomz Teacher Premium has to offer:

All the functionality in our Bloomz Free product, including:

  • Post updates & instant messaging,
  • Calendar & Event Scheduling,
  • Parent-teacher conferences,
  • Volunteer signups,
  • Student portfolios,
  • Behavior management,
  • Digital flyers & parent resources (where available)

Available now on Bloomz Premium:

  • Bulk Downloads: Teachers can download media (pictures and video) in bulk from both their mobile and web app.
  • Parents’ Convenience Pack included: Your class parents will not need to pay for mobile and bulk downloads, they are included in your Premium subscription!

But that’s not all, for the upcoming school year, we are bringing additional functionality to the Premium subscription:

Upcoming feature: Video Stories from your class pictures!
  • Unlimited cloud storage to share as much or as little as you want, no limits on your classroom
  • 10 Video Stories from class pictures – this is an upcoming feature we started testing recently (you may have seen it in your class), where you can take pictures from your class and arrange them in a beautiful slideshow with custom templates.
  • Calendar monthly and weekly views for an improved calendar experience.
  • Ability to add captions to individual Photos
  • Ability to disable downloads for additional control
  • Data dashboard to show you how engaged you and your classroom is on Bloomz
  • Print event history to keep record of past events
  • Premium support

These new features will soon be rolling out and you may start seeing them soon on your Bloomz classroom (Fall 2017).

We understand this is the end of the school year for many of you, so we wanted to give you an early preview and allow your parents the ability to download all the media you shared throughout the year at no cost, if that’s what you want to do. Thus, we are introducing the Bloomz Teacher Premium subscription now at an initial price of $4.99.month, for a limited time only.

You can subscribe to the Bloomz Teacher Premium by going to your account settings, and clicking on Upgrade Now at the top (more information is available here).

As we’ve promised before, nothing is being taken away from our current free experience, but we continue to add value and innovation to our users through both our free and premium experiences.

We are super excited to share this with you and can’t wait to hear what you think about them. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “Graduate to a Premium Experience – Introducing Bloomz Teacher Premium

  1. Will there be a possibilty to have a school-wide site price that will have this Premium Subscriotion for every teacher at a discount? I would love to get it for my entire school.


    1. The premium subscription is $4..99 for 12 months billed annually (no month by month payment at this point), and it’s a discounted price for teachers who sign up now.


  2. It would be very helpful if the ability to host a class website/page were included in either the free or premium versions of Bloomz. Some schools and parents still prefer to have this as a go-to resource, and it would be great to be able to combine the two.


  3. Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll pass on to our team. However, we’ve heard from teachers and administrators that having Bloomz as a unique destination for parents, that also let’s parents know when there’s something new (notifications) is more efficient than having a website or web destination that sometimes parents forget to look at. 🙂


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