9 thoughts on “Understanding Bloomz Premium vs. Free Options

  1. Before I upgrade to premium, I want to know who I would contact if I was having technical problems and if there is a partial refund when things are not working. I had a couple parents stop using it last year because the app was not working properly. I have also had times when it is not working properly. Although I expect there to be problems at time, I would like to know your policy regarding these things prior to signing up. 1. Contact person. 2. Policy regarding Bloomz not working.


    1. We are now doing monthly payments. This is available on the website only, though. Please log in through your browser and you’ll be able to sign up for monthly payments. Thank you!


      1. Hello Ms. Ochoa. Trying to register for the premium account with monthly payments via the website, per your instructions, however my efforts have been unsuccessful. When I click “upgrade” the only option for payment that I’m presented with is annual billing. Could you please provide more detailed instructions? Thanks!


      2. My apologies for the confusion. The monthly payment functionality is still being tested and we’ll be releasing soon. Please stay tuned and we’ll notify all our users, followers.


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