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Celebrate Student Birthdays on Bloomz

Birthday celebrations are an important part of the classroom. In my class I want to let the birthday child know how cherished they are and how the world is better because they are in it. We walk down memory lane with photos, funny stories, and a treat is provided by families if they desire. The… Continue reading Celebrate Student Birthdays on Bloomz

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Tips for Getting Parents to Join Bloomz

Meet the teacher day can be chaotic with families dropping off supplies, introducing nervous new students, or filling out paperwork. Some teachers find themselves engaged in important yet lengthy one-on-ones with families. How do we connect with everyone to make sure they sign up on Bloomz at the beginning of the year? A solid first… Continue reading Tips for Getting Parents to Join Bloomz

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Post Your Teacher Wish List on Bloomz

What if money wasn’t a thing? What if you could ask for anything to improve your teaching and classroom experience? Each year teachers send home a school supply list. This list is generally decided on by a teacher team, limited in money, and approved by the school. Something teachers can do to upgrade their classroom… Continue reading Post Your Teacher Wish List on Bloomz

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Student Agency Over Learning #ISTE17LEARNING

Two questions were raised at the International Society for Technology in Education conference. Having received my education at Heritage University in Toppenish, Washington I uphold the constructivist learning theory.  Contrary to instruction where students passively acquire knowledge from lectures, constructivism asserts that learning is an active process based on personal experiences and interpretations of the environment.… Continue reading Student Agency Over Learning #ISTE17LEARNING