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Celebrate Student Birthdays on Bloomz

Birthday celebrations are an important part of the classroom. In my class I want to let the birthday child know how cherished they are and how the world is better because they are in it. We walk down memory lane with photos, funny stories, and a treat is provided by families if they desire. The… Continue reading Celebrate Student Birthdays on Bloomz

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Tips for Getting Parents to Join Bloomz

Meet the teacher day can be chaotic with families dropping off supplies, introducing nervous new students, or filling out paperwork. Some teachers find themselves engaged in important yet lengthy one-on-ones with families. How do we connect with everyone to make sure they sign up on Bloomz at the beginning of the year? A solid first… Continue reading Tips for Getting Parents to Join Bloomz

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Clarify Communication to ELL Families with Images

A key element to teaching is revealed in the book Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit, by Leslie Marmon Silko. The benefit of combining text with visuals is the creation of a well-rounded relationship in language. The tension between words and images goes back thousands of years.  In connecting this relationship to the… Continue reading Clarify Communication to ELL Families with Images

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Proving Professional Development with Bloomz

Bloomz offers a multitude of ways in which to engage in professional development.  If you are using Bloomz with your class you are receiving a hands on experience in the fast growing field of technology in education. Your principal or director should know about your professional development! What I’ve learned from utilizing the mobile app and… Continue reading Proving Professional Development with Bloomz