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“My school is in complete communication chaos!”

“My teachers are signing up for too many classroom communication apps and I can’t keep track”

“Parents at the school are simply confused about where to go to get information!”

“With all these tools, I am concerned about privacy and security risks – I feel I don’t have it under control”

If any of these sound like you, then we can help.

Bloomz is the only app that has all the tools that your teachers need to communicate with parents, including:

  • Communication tools to send updates home and messages to parents
  • Coordination tools like calendar, signups for volunteers and parent teacher conferences
  • Classroom management tools like Student Portfolios and Behavior Tracking

Best of all? You can get our Bloomz Premium school subscription for free starting now and through the end of the school year.* That’s right, simply fill out the form below to schedule a quick conversation with our team, and we’ll set you up at no cost!

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With your free Bloomz Premium subscription, you’ll be able to have unlimited number of teachers and administrators trying Bloomz. You’ll be able to test its powerful functionality to keep parents engaged and informed, and get real-time feedback on it from your community, before next school year. Did we mention at no cost?

Plus, as a school administrator you can also:

  1. See feeds in every class in your school
  2. Connect with parents, teachers and staff individually, in groups or school-wide
  3. Coordinate events, signing teachers and parents up for volunteer help
  4. Share school resources and multimedia

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* Promotion Terms & Conditions:
Only teachers who refer a new principal or administrator (a principal, assistant principal, director or similar, who don’t have a Bloomz account) are eligible. The teacher is required to send a referral email to their school administrator through the link provided above and must not remove the bcc: field in the prepared email as explained. No other method is eligible. The School administrator is required to submit the form in the Bloomz website in order to qualify for the free Teacher premium subscription. All referred emails must be sent before March 15th, 2018. School Premium subscription is only intended for new subscribers, whether schools, centers or other communities. School or Community administrator must submit the form before March 15th, 2018 in order to qualify for the free account. It may take up to 2 weeks after the school administrator fills out the form to match it with an associated email address, before the teacher’s account is upgraded to Premium. School Premium functionality provided through this promotion ends June 30th, 2018. Schools or communities must renew their subscription, at the then current price, in order to keep this functionality. By submitting this and any other form to Bloomz, you agree to the terms and conditions.