Is Your School Trial About to Expire? Here is What You Need to Know…

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Are you on a School Premium Trial that is about to expire? Don’t worry, we have you covered. All you need to do is to schedule a conversation with someone in our team and we’ll set your school up with a Premium subscription.
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We want to make you aware of some changes coming to Bloomz that might affect your teachers, and a few other reasons why you should consider upgrade to a School Premium account:
#1. Soon, we will be enforcing the limits of the Bloomz FREE account. These limits were communicated at the beginning of the school year, however were not enforced to allow our users to manage this transition. These limits include both storage (1 GB per user) and feature limits (premium calendar views, dashboard, etc) as well as future new features, like class archival.
Teachers in your school with a free account will be affected by these limits. Of course, teachers could pay for individual upgrades (about $100 per teacher/year) but we believe that, if within your possibilities, it is always better to upgrade to a school account. This way every teacher and parent in your school receives the premium functionality and it’s a better deal overall.
In addition to this, a School Premium account will provide these benefits to your school:
#2. A School-wide platform that replaces many other apps at your school, saving you and your teachers money and time. Teachers in school accounts are saving on average over 12 hrs of their time by using Bloomz!
#3. Easy import of SIS data that will make your on-boarding and yearly maintenance an easy task. With Premium you also get premium support in case you need it.
#4. Data Dashboard to help you administer school communication and provide real-time feedback to your teachers and staff.
#5. Peace of mind that your parent and student information is not distributed in many other tools, posing security and privacy risks. Plus you can access and keep records of parent communications for when required by law.
These are just a few reasons for why we believe your community would benefit a great deal from switching to Bloomz Premium, and we would be happy to help with it.
So, don’t risk losing access to Bloomz’ premium features and schedule your call now!
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