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Teachers: Download Your Printable Mystery Monsterz Cards & Poster!

Are you decorating your classroom for the new school year? Save a space on your wall for a great poster and check out the trading cards of these little critters, too. These continue to be popular among both teachers and students. To help you build excitement around good behavior in your classroom, we’ve created these printable posters… Continue reading Teachers: Download Your Printable Mystery Monsterz Cards & Poster!

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Using Tech To Support Student Health

It’s not something every elementary teacher sets out to address but it does come up, especially for third graders towards the end of the year. Last week I noticed a certain…funk appearing throughout the day in my classroom. After recess and PE the class didn’t smell as fresh anymore. Also, when kids were instructed to… Continue reading Using Tech To Support Student Health

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5 Ways to Effectively Use Data to Guide Instruction on Bloomz

Data analysis can provide teachers with information about what students know and what areas we need to reteach. Educators analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions which will positively affect student outcomes.  It is important to examine student data from a variety of sources to identify and confirm areas that need improvement. When teachers… Continue reading 5 Ways to Effectively Use Data to Guide Instruction on Bloomz

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Acknowledge Mindfulness with Bloomz

Students around the world are practicing mindfulness to develop and strengthen emotional health. In my class we start with a couple minutes of breathing. Students sit in silence for two minutes and notice sensations in their bodies. Students often report feeling calm after this exercise. During the month of November we focused on gratitude by imagining… Continue reading Acknowledge Mindfulness with Bloomz

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Tip: Taking Attendance with Bloomz!

Recording attendance is a valuable feature accompanying the behavior management tool  on Bloomz. Taking attendance with Bloomz is easily done with a few clicks. To Take Attendance: Go to the Attendance tab of your class page By default, All Present is selected Click on the student to change his attendance status to Tardy/ Absent On the teachers… Continue reading Tip: Taking Attendance with Bloomz!

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Starting the IEP with Bloomz

Lower elementary is the place many teachers first identify students with special needs. This can be a sensitive subject for families and a challenging responsibility for teachers. Documenting behaviors while teaching is tough but extremely important. Along with this, teachers must share that documentation with administration and keep them informed of every communication with the… Continue reading Starting the IEP with Bloomz


New Game-Based Characters for Bloomz’ Behavior Tracking!

When it comes to tracking and sharing student’s behavior in class, who says we can’t have a little fun? We don’t, and flowers aren’t the only thing we’re growing here at Bloomz! Right around this time last year, we launched our behavior tracking feature with a distinctive flower theme created as a fun way  for… Continue reading New Game-Based Characters for Bloomz’ Behavior Tracking!