Guest Post · Technology

Using Tech To Support Student Health

It’s not something every elementary teacher sets out to address but it does come up, especially for third graders towards the end of the year. Last week I noticed a certain…funk appearing throughout the day in my classroom. After recess and PE the class didn’t smell as fresh anymore. Also, when kids were instructed to… Continue reading Using Tech To Support Student Health

Guest Post · Tips & Tricks

3 Things I Did On Bloomz to Save Time

The latest Bloomz premium feature, Engagement Reports, shows teachers how much time they’ve saved.  I was surprised and delighted to find out I’ve saved more than fifty hours by using Bloomz this year! In my experience Bloomz saves me time because I have all the aspects of communication in one place. For example messaging with parents, setting… Continue reading 3 Things I Did On Bloomz to Save Time

Guest Post · Technology

Innovate Valentine’s Day with Bloomz

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and friendship in schools around the country. As a teacher, Bloomz helps me organize the details around Valentine’s Day and provides me with a platform to share holiday related activities. I can easily post sign-ups for parents to bring in healthy Valentine’s Day treats or party supplies. Sharing… Continue reading Innovate Valentine’s Day with Bloomz