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Bloomz End-of-Year Survey for Parents

Teachers want good feedback from students and parents at the end of the school year so that they can improve the coming year. Creating a survey about Bloomz, the features parents liked best and used the most, how they felt about classroom communication, how Bloomz has helped them through out the year, and what do… Continue reading Bloomz End-of-Year Survey for Parents

Teacher Appreciation

A Great Week of #TeacherAppreciation (Updated)

Teacher Appreciation Week is almost over, and here at Bloomz we are still overwhelmed by all the love and gratefulness we’ve seen displayed both among teachers and from parents who deeply appreciate the educators that mold the minds of their kids. This week we sent parents a small Thank You card that they could sign with a small appreciation… Continue reading A Great Week of #TeacherAppreciation (Updated)

Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks: Connection Requests

User Question- Why am I getting “connection requests” from people on Bloomz?  What does that do?  I hear this question a lot from both teachers and parents.  Most of the time, they are wary of this invite.  It becomes the “friend request on Facebook from the person that you may have went to elementary school… Continue reading Tips and Tricks: Connection Requests