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Using Student Portfolios to Help with Remote Learning

With so many cities in the world in quarantine, many schools have had to find ways to stay in contact with students, continue with their instruction and keep parents informed and even helping students at home. Remote learning is becoming the norm these days and, as students, parents and teachers adapt to this new normal,… Continue reading Using Student Portfolios to Help with Remote Learning

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Spring Cleansing of the Mind and Classroom

Spring is an exceptionally busy time for teachers because of assessments, progress reports, and conferences. Along with those items I also have an overnight field trip and spring event planning on my to-do list right now. If I think about it all at once I will find myself completely overwhelmed. Simultaneously, the sunshine is bursting through… Continue reading Spring Cleansing of the Mind and Classroom

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Performance-Based Assessment and Student Timelines

A performance-based assessment requires students to carry out a task rather than select an answer from a multiple choice list. These types of assessments can be applied to any subject area. For example, in math a student would count out change in an imaginary store exchange. In literacy, a student might act as a news… Continue reading Performance-Based Assessment and Student Timelines

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Determined My Students Will Succeed!

Critical self-reflection is an important component to being a successful teacher. I’ve been thinking about how the first half of the school year went. Was it fulfilling? Did I anticipate it would go this way? I was recently inspired by Principal Kafele’s essay, SELF DETERMINATION: You Have Got to Want Success for Your Students BADLY! Principal Kafele… Continue reading Determined My Students Will Succeed!