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Spring Cleansing of the Mind and Classroom

Spring is an exceptionally busy time for teachers because of assessments, progress reports, and conferences. Along with those items I also have an overnight field trip and spring event planning on my to-do list right now. If I think about it all at once I will find myself completely overwhelmed. Simultaneously, the sunshine is bursting through… Continue reading Spring Cleansing of the Mind and Classroom

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Performance-Based Assessment and Student Timelines

A performance-based assessment requires students to carry out a task rather than select an answer from a multiple choice list. These types of assessments can be applied to any subject area. For example, in math a student would count out change in an imaginary store exchange. In literacy, a student might act as a news… Continue reading Performance-Based Assessment and Student Timelines

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Determined My Students Will Succeed!

Critical self-reflection is an important component to being a successful teacher. I’ve been thinking about how the first half of the school year went. Was it fulfilling? Did I anticipate it would go this way? I was recently inspired by Principal Kafele’s essay, SELF DETERMINATION: You Have Got to Want Success for Your Students BADLY! Principal Kafele… Continue reading Determined My Students Will Succeed!

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5 Reasons Teachers Should Assess With Student Timelines

Every student should have a collection of accomplishments from the school year. Artifacts that are easily shared with parents tell the story of the student’s development. Student Timelines are a reflection space and a forum for feedback from parents. Here are five reasons why teachers should implement them. 1. Parents are Partners in Education By integrating… Continue reading 5 Reasons Teachers Should Assess With Student Timelines