Guest Post

Digital Portfolios: Capturing Student Learning and Progress

With minimalism and tiny houses being a trend, it makes the most sense for elementary teachers to utilize a digital portfolio for student work. Millennial parents are on the rise and a digital portfolio is much like the Facebook timeline or Instagram feed. The documents will always exist, are easily accessed with a link, and… Continue reading Digital Portfolios: Capturing Student Learning and Progress

Guest Post

​​Parent Communication: Better with Bloomz

by Rachelle Dene Poth  At the start of the school year teachers are often thinking of the best ways to welcome the students back to the classroom, to provide some structure and begin working on relationships and setting the path for learning goals for the year. Part of the beginning of each new year is… Continue reading ​​Parent Communication: Better with Bloomz


Bloomz Launches New Ambassador Program

Bloomz is excited to announce the new Bloomz Ambassador Program! Bloomz Ambassadors are experienced Bloomz app educators who maintain a positive and encouraging presence in the Bloomz community. Bloomz appreciates the passion of its users, and by gathering educators who are inspired to tell their Bloomz story and share with others, Bloomz hopes to build… Continue reading Bloomz Launches New Ambassador Program