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Using Technology To Improve Student Communication Skills

When students practice speaking skills they gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between letters and sounds. The four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are interconnected. If students are proficient in each they will be well-rounded communicators. Distinct advantages in society are gained by speaking skillfully; the abilities to persuade, inform, and direct… Continue reading Using Technology To Improve Student Communication Skills

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Virtue Of The Month: Joy!

At the beginning of the year each teacher at my school chose a virtue to be acknowledged for the entire month. Examples of virtues we have celebrated this year include respect, honesty, integrity, and tact. Joy is the virtue I chose for the month of May because students and teachers feel a delightful sense of accomplishment… Continue reading Virtue Of The Month: Joy!

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Huge Update from Bloomz is Now Live!

According to Ernest Hemingway, true nobility comes from being superior to your former self. That’s what we at Bloomz are all about – self improvement. Today, we released a new update to our mobile and web app that includes a series of improvements that make our app more friendly, easy to navigate and gets you… Continue reading Huge Update from Bloomz is Now Live!

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Using Tech To Support Student Health

It’s not something every elementary teacher sets out to address but it does come up, especially for third graders towards the end of the year. Last week I noticed a certain…funk appearing throughout the day in my classroom. After recess and PE the class didn’t smell as fresh anymore. Also, when kids were instructed to… Continue reading Using Tech To Support Student Health