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Acknowledge Mindfulness with Bloomz

Students around the world are practicing mindfulness to develop and strengthen emotional health. In my class we start with a couple minutes of breathing. Students sit in silence for two minutes and notice sensations in their bodies. Students often report feeling calm after this exercise. During the month of November we focused on gratitude by imagining… Continue reading Acknowledge Mindfulness with Bloomz

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Post Your Holiday Wish List On Bloomz

December is a festive time of year in the classroom! Holidays from cultures around the world are acknowledged and celebrated. Families are brought together through classroom parties and winter performances. This is the time of year when people wish to give to those in need. Parents want to help, teachers just need to ask! Be… Continue reading Post Your Holiday Wish List On Bloomz

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Students Practice Responsible Digital Citizenship On Bloomz

News travels fast online and students are becoming digital citizens of the world. To avoid problematic situations with lasting consequences students should practice communicating responsibly on the internet. Bloomz facilitates thoughtful sharing by giving students access to submit their work online via iPad, Chrome Book, or laptop. Students first learn how to share online content with… Continue reading Students Practice Responsible Digital Citizenship On Bloomz

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3 Effective Ways To Use Student Timelines In Your Classroom

The current generation of students are known as technological learners because they apply computer and technology skills to learning and problem-solving. With Bloomz timelines students can upload data to create a digital portfolio. I’ve combined the technology standards from ISTE Standards for Students with the general content area standards from Common Core State Standards to outline three ways… Continue reading 3 Effective Ways To Use Student Timelines In Your Classroom

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Welcome New Parents!

Welcome to Bloomz! Bloomz is a web based, IOS, and Android app for teachers and parents. Bloomz has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  Teacher mentors/ambassadors are there to help new users. Check out the Bloomz Teacher Facebook group for support and community. If you are a new parent user here are some pro-tips to… Continue reading Welcome New Parents!