Bloomz Teacher of the Week Program

Thanking teachers everywhere!

The Teacher of the Week program started with the idea of recognizing those educators who have greatly contributed to the education and upbringing of our kids.  The positive feedback we received, encouraged us to open the program up to educators from around the world, and to use this as an opportunity to honor them, and thank them for their contributions to our society.

As Teacher of the Week, you will be featured in our blog where parents Teacher of the Week Collageand educators alike can read and get to know about your story, how you approach teaching and what things are important to you.  Our hope is that through your words, we can inspire other educators no matter where they are in their teaching career.  We will promote your story for that week in various channels, including in our social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and we encourage our featured teachers to do the same and share with all their friends and colleagues.

Teachers of the Week also use the Bloomz App in a variety of ways to create a community in their classroom and school. A community of learning includes the teacher, parents, and students.  Our readers and fellow teachers will be excited to learn how the Teacher of the Week uses Bloomz for engaging parents and students.

We hope that the document below can help as a guide for writing your story as a blog post or in free style.  Tell us about your passion, how you started in your career, what makes you passionate about teaching, what you hope for the future in education.  Have fun writing it and others will have fun reading it!

Bloomz is very willing to take nominations for Teacher of the Week, and Bloomz may also choose Teachers of the Week as well.

Bloomz is excited to restart this program, and we look forward to hearing from you!


You can download the form by clicking in the button below. We also ask that you send a picture or two. One profile picture of you, and if possible one of you in the classroom.


Complete your submission by writing a quick bio of yourself including:

  • Where you went to school
  • Where you teach
  • How long you have been teaching
  • Any other personal info you would like to include such as family, hobbies, pets, etc.

Submit your write up or filled form and pictures to

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