Why Schools Are Better Off With Only One Parent-Communication Tool



In the past year, I’ve talked to hundreds of school administrators, tech coordinators, principals, etc about their parent communication needs. Over these conversations, two things have been clear to me: Parent communication is becoming more and more important (we have a document that covers this at length here); and, school administrators want (and need) to take control of it.

With this increased importance, many products have come to market trying to help teachers and educators in general with one or another aspect of parent communication. Thanks to the increased availability of technology like apps and smartphones, these products have become more ubiquitous in the school – from apps that help with messaging, to behavior management to student portfolios. Now more than ever, the adage “there’s an app for everything” rings true.

However, this proliferation of apps in the school, has created a set of challenges for educators (and parents) as well. On one hand, educators are signing up for many free accounts with different apps – spreading the information they share about the school and students in many different places (each account created means one additional server that contains private information about not only the teacher, but the class and students). Many of these apps have strong security and privacy measures, as they know they handle private records; however, each new account, each new app that is used at the school, represents another potential point of failure and, when dealing with this type of information (or worse, when things go wrong), the thing you least want is to add complexity or increase the chances for mistakes. Plus, if school administrators want to keep control of the communications home, having it in different applications, emails, calendars, makes this control harder.

School Chaos
Too many apps for communication cause chaos for all parents, teachers and administrators

If this is hard for the educators, imagine how hard it is for the parents! Parents are sometimes less engaged with technology than the teachers who use it on a day-to-day basis. On top of that, they are required to create separate different accounts for each type of communication they receive at home, sometimes to only use it once in the entire year. And if the parent has more than one kid, then multiply that complexity by every additional kid. No wonder many parents feel disengaged from their schools.

Here at Bloomz, we have looked at the parent engagement conundrum and addressed it with a holistic approach, that is, instead of working on one feature only, we developed and all-in-one platform that covers all three aspects of parental engagement: communication, coordination and community building. In doing this, we ensure whatever the need is that the educator has, they will find the right tool in Bloomz:

Bloomz vs. other communication apps
When compared against other available communication apps, Bloomz clearly has the most complete feature set for educators.

When school administrators have only one tool like Bloomz, they not only reduce the potential points of failure but, because Bloomz takes measures to keep information private and secure, they can share and communicate with peace of mind too. As an added bonus, parents love the simplicity and will reward the school for it, with increased participation and engagement.

If you’d like to try Bloomz for your school, schedule a call with us here.